About the Photographer

  • Most educated photographer in his field.
  • More than ten years experience in the international entertainment industry.
  • Extensive network of creatives from all over the world.
  • Photography that empowers women.
  • Luxury aesthetics at a fraction of the price.
  • Seduction techniques that work.
  • Why I do what I do.

    No matter how many times I type and retype this paragraph. I keep going back to that scene in Scent of a Women where Charlie says to Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade: “I guess you really like women.” and the Lieutenant Colonel quips with a sincere: “Oh, above all things!”

    And that is exactly how I feel about my photography. I love it, above all things.
    I love helping a client explore her sensuality and connecting her with the divine essence that lives within every woman. I love that I get to play an active role in helping women develop and maintain healthy relationships with themselves, their significant others, their family, and their friends. I love being part of an experience that helps a client improve her life, and thinking afterward that my photo in some way helped them get that promotion or played a part in them finally having a flourishing love life. Yes. It’s true. I love it all. Above all things.


  • Track Record and Experience.

    When I was a kid, the majority of weekends and holidays were spent in a workshop assembling light-fittings for my dad. What started out as garage workshop slowly grew into South Africa’s premiere lighting and reticulation company. Not only were the stadium lights we installed for the FIFA World Cup 2010 seen by spectators around the world. But the street lights we manufactured, installed and maintained for Johannesburg and Cape Town can be seen from space to this very day.

    It was my keen interest in people that eventually lead me to film school. I wanted to study emotion and learn how to make people feel.
    Weekends and holidays were now spent with film crews and expensive camera equipment inside studios and on location.
    The rest of my waking hours were spent in class learning the fundamentals of psychology, narrative, performance, aesthetic and entrepreneurship. Or glued to a computer screen watching every film I could get my hands on.
    It is safe to say that the magic of filmmaking had completely consumed me.

    Many years later, it would be the gorgeous dancers of Ibiza that would ignite my obsession with the female form. The colourful night lights, the spectacular costumes, their bodies swaying to the rhythm of the music. It all lent itself perfectly to the camera. From it stemmed many a private photo session which has since evolved into a signature boudoir experience that is loved the world over.

  • Who is this kind of photography for?

    Well, there is a short answer and a long answer to this question.

    The short answer:
    Photo sessions are for any women regardless of age, shape, size, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Beauty lives within us all.

    The long answer goes something like this:
    These photo sessions work best with women who place great value on their independence and individuality. Consults are specifically formulated to assist in creating a style and experience that is unique to each client and therefore demands a certain level of confidence and a lot of trust.

    Boudoir photography traditionally is classified as a luxury experience and is thus priced as such.
    The entire experience revolves around getting the subject to look and feel their absolute best in front of the camera. This means professional hair and makeup, high-end photographic equipment, the finest quality clothing items (in terms of nightwear and lingerie) and, of course a shooting location that meets the individual aesthetic requirements of each project.

    Lastly, and this is not necessarily a prerequisite but helps. The women who get the most out of these photographic experiences are the ones who use it as a platform for growth and change.

    Examples of this include:

    • Women taking their romantic relationships to the next level.
    • Clients undergoing massive body transformation and photographing the end result.
    • Performing artists or public figures who want to recreate their personas.
    • Entrepreneurs who want to create awareness through the medium of photography.
    • Patients recovering from terminal illness.

  • For Non-English Speaking Clients

    Please do not be discouraged if you do not speak English. I have hand picked the finest creatives to be part of my team and they are more than capable to translate your request from German (and Spanish) to English. Translators are made available to you at no additional cost.

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What Clients are Saying

“Working with Julius was a great experience very professional and creates the highest quality image.”

Amaya Davis

“Oh my goodness. I love my photos! always a pleasure to work with you Julius.”

Anda Cristescu

“One of the best photographers I ever had shooting for my brand.”

Barbara Christel

“Julius is a fantastic photographer . It is so easy to work with him because he knows how to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera.”

Beita Ibáñez

“Julius is skilled with the camera and a kind person. There is a reason all the beautiful dancers love working with him.”

Julieta Carbonell

“He made me feel beautiful, outside and inside. He was a pleasure to work with. Very professional.”

Laura Rodríguez

“You don’t have to be a model to get perfect pictures. Julius helps you find a pose which shows the beauty of your body and hides the imperfections.”

Lucie Blahuskova

“A real pleasure to work with. He knows exactly how to capture your essence. A true artist.”

Mehl Ferradans

“His ability to understand exactly what I am looking for my company was incredible. We did great work together!”

Mila Blink

“Julius is a brilliant photographer! He has an awesome eye and knows how to bring up the beauty hidden within every girl/woman he photographs.”

Nathaloa Boas

“He has a remarkable way of easing the most awkward and shy woman (me) into a goddess who oozes self confidence.”

Yumna Patel

“Julius is a really good person and very professional on the job.”

Zoa Alvińo

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